Saturday, September 17, 2011

The New GEDcbt- Four Tests rather than Five

From what I am hearing the new GEDcbt Test will have four tests...rather than five.  There will be a Math, Science, and Social Studies test.  Reading and Writing will be combined into one test.

Another thing that I recently heard was that the Social Studies test will have a written response.  Reading and Writing will be combined into one test that would also have a written response.

The tests will be computer based.  Paper tests will be available... but only for individuals with special accommodations.

**Check out for further information on the new GEDcbt Tests.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The New GED cbt (Computer-Based Test)

There has been alot of talk lately that the GED is going to be offered on the computer.  It is true the GED will soon be offered via computer! 

Information on the GEDcbt Test can be found at the official GED website,

There are many concerns and MANY questions regarding the implementation of this new GED and the process.

I hope to answer a few of those questions in this blog.